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Octopuses, clever ocean creatures, by Mara Grunbaum - library binding

"Did you know that octopuses are among the most intelligent creatures on earth? Nature's children series provides young readers (Ages 8-10) with fascinating information about the planet's most incredible wildlife species. Each title offers a complete picture of the animal- from birth to adulthood- and describes its place in our world, including how humans impact it and its environment."--From
Table Of Contents
Aliens of the sea -- An ocean of octopuses -- Peculiar parts -- Shape shifters -- On the prowl -- Masters of disguise -- Keep out! -- Great escapes -- Life and death -- Busting out -- Drifting along -- Settling in -- A secret history -- Squishy similarities -- Myths and mysteries -- Octopuses and humans -- Inspired by octopuses -- Clever creatures -- Octopus family tree
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
48 pages, color illustrations, color map, 23 cm

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  • Omro Public Library (Carter Memorial)

    Carter Memorial Library 405 East Huron St, Omro, WI, 54963, US