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A beacon of light, an Amish romance, Linda Byler - hardcover

"The second book in The Long Road Home series, a unique and gripping Amish romance trilogy set in the South at the turn of the century. At the end of Banished, Clinton has died and May is left to fend for herself in a city where she knows almost no one and has no way of earning a living. Not knowing where Oba had wound up and realizing she can't return to her uncle's home after all he'd put her through, she decides to journey to the Amish community where she spent her first years, before her parents' died. Perhaps the relatives who once turned her away had had a change of heart and would be willing to take her in or help her get settled on her own. After being shuffled from home to home, May finds a welcoming friend in Clara. Clara is single, having long since sworn off romantic relationships. She doesn't trust men, and it doesn't take her long to realize May had her own painful past, though for some time she doesn't know the full extent of what May suffered. Clara helps May to reintegrate into the Amish community, but May sinks deeper and deeper into depression as she tries to keep her dark past concealed. What will it take for May to finally face her past and begin to heal? Will she and her brother Oba ever see each other again? And could May ever open her heart to another man? In the midst of great darkness, May discovers a beacon of light. This unique Amish romance tackles heavy issues of abuse, racism, and the damage done when a community puts reputation over faith, but ultim"--, Provided by publisher
Literary form
Large print edition.
Sequel to: Banished
Physical description
483 pages, 23 cm.
Form of item
large print

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